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  • Generates CO-mapped question papers in minutes
  • Generates question papers with attributes like One Word, Fill in the Blanks, Short Essay, Long Essay, and more.
  • Simplifies the creation of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which is typically the most time-consuming task for a teacher.
  • Design Course Outcomes for any course or topic that you can choose and add at will.
  • Create innovative and relevant assessments like assignment topics/seminars, and other innovative methods that go beyond written exams.


Apply Bloom's Taxonomy levels (K1 to K6) to any question


Control and Freedom for Teachers to edit and improve

Quick and Easy

Instant Creation of Question Papers with Answer Keys

Accreditation and Ranking

Innovative assessments and AI integration that add value

Transform your assessments with our AI-powered Features

Create assessment papers with intelligent AI right away. Our AI-driven platform helps you craft customised assessments faster than ever before with these features.

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Pricing Plans

Hey, we are just out of beta; we are still building more features and adding resources. Here’s what we have on offer right now.

Explore the capabilities of, designed to enhance your assessments. Sign up now and experience powerful features that will reduce your workload

  • Ready-to-use Templates
  • Create new Templates
  • Export Questions with Answer Key
  • Specify the number and type of questions
  • MCQs
  • Edit question papers
  • Incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy Levels K1 to K6
  • Generate question papers in a shot
  • Generate question papers incrementally
  • Export question papers
  • OBE-aligned Questions
  • Design course outcomes
  • Generate seminar topics
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Do you want your college, university, or school to have AI-powered assessments? If so, then our can streamline the assessment process, saving time, money and manpower for institutions.

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Marian College Kuttikanam’s strategic partnership with ipsr solutions limited (IPSR), a leading EdTech company in India, has propelled it to become the first higher education institution in India to adopt AI-integrated assessment, courtesy of also adds value to accreditation and ranking in colleges and universities by facilitating innovative assessments and AI integration.

ipsr solutions limited is collaborating with Marian College for research and development, resulting in the creation of innovative solutions for the education sector.

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What educators say about

Inspired by the input from thousands of educators who participate in our regular FDPs, aims to simplify the assessment creation process, addressing the expressed need within the academic community.

After signing up and using just 5 credits, I created multiple Pharmacology question papers effortlessly (MCQs). It's an outstanding tool for generating and customizing questions!

Dr Madhav

Apollo Institute of Medical Science & Research, Andhra.

Creating question banks is a significant task. has greatly streamlined this process, making question creation efficient.


Assistant Professor, Garden City University, Bengaluru.

Creation of Learning Outcomes and mapping questions with Course Outcomes was easy with this tool.

Dr Pranit

Dibrugarh University, Assam

The application is amazing. Providing relief from the tedious work of framing question papers as per Bloom's Taxonomy. Excellent help in time management. Thank you for this!

Dr Mukesh Ahirrao

G. H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Business Management

It's an extremely handy tool for generating question papers on Bloom's Taxonomy. I am awestruck after experiencing it for the first time. My profound gratitude to the creator for giving me the opportunity to experience this technological marvel.

Dr. Vicky Saroh

Wangcha Rajkumar Govt. College, Deomali

QuestionPaper.AI is a nice platform to deal with question paper setting. It reduces difficulties on various levels, like arrangement, time consumption, and workload.

Rajdeep Bora

Kakojan College

Excellent Software! Much needed in the current situation where we have to produce question papers often.

Leena Vincent

Nrupathunga University

A very interesting and innovative tool that saves a lot of time in Question Paper preparation.

Dr Surjith KP

College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Pookode

Excellent Tool. Thank you for introducing the teaching fraternity to such a useful tool.

Dr. Priya S

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

A wonderful tool for all academicians!

P. Muthumari

P.S.R Engineering College

It simplifies assessments by creating AI-generated question papers