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Introducing Questionpaper.ai - An AI-powered platform set to transform the way teachers design Outcomes, create OBE-focused, CO-mapped question papers and innovative assessments in minutes to ease OBE implementation.

Why Questionpaper.ai?

Reduces Workload

Cuts down teachers' workload by generating high-quality assessments that can be used as-is or easily edited

Saves Time and Money

Say goodbye to the hassle of question paper creation. QuestionPaper.ai streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and energy.

Standardization and Validation

Our incorporation of Bloom’s Taxonomy and difficulty levels guarantees that all generated question papers adhere to fundamental standards.

Simplified OBE Implementation

Map all questions directly to course outcomes with appropriate scales in your assessments, simplifying OBE integration.

  • Design Course Outcomes for OBE

    Enter any course or topic to access tailored course outcomes, giving you the flexibility to select and add effortlessly.

  • Get Creative with Your Assessments

    Extends beyond traditional written exams to encompass pertinent assessments such as assignment topics, seminars, and other creative methodologies.

  • Simple enough to start creating in minutes

    It's simple, as teachers can generate any type of question paper within minutes, just by entering the syllabus/topics/contents or COs, even without any technical knowledge.

  • Apply Bloom's Taxonomy levels for OBE-powered Assessments

    Applying Bloom's Taxonomy levels (K3 to K6) to multiple questions is made simple with QuestionPaper.ai. This facilitates an efficient assessment of the quality of knowledge retention and comprehension.

  • Multiple Formats for Diverse Needs

    With our user-friendly AI tool, you can effortlessly design a wide range of question papers within minutes. Whether it's quizzes, exams, assessments, MCQs, or descriptive type questions, we've got you covered.

  • Design your own question paper

    Explore our range of reusable templates or design your own template. Define the structure, set the tone, and customise your assessments with ease.

  • Seamlessly Map Course Outcomes

    Seamlessly map questions to course outcomes with appropriate scales in your assessments. You can also create individual assessment formats and evaluate outcomes at your convenience.

  • Improves Accreditation Rankings

    Criteria like the use of ICT tools/AI tools, OBE Implementation, and Innovative Assessments will add value to the accreditation process.

  • Customise Any Paper as per your needs

    Use a variety of customizations to personalise your question paper. See a live preview of your work and fine-tune the page size and layout orientation. You can also export your assessment in a range of formats, making sharing easier.

  • Empowering Educators

    This innovative tool makes it easier than ever to create outcome-driven and impactful question papers. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and hello to efficiency and precision.

  • Versatile, Rich-Text Editor

    Supports rich-text editing, including mathematical equations, multiple language character sets, and scientific symbols.

  • Hybrid Adaptive Question Paper Creation

    Using this tool, teachers can edit AI-generated question papers to their specifications, giving them the freedom to make necessary changes. Given that no AI model is 100% accurate, this feature improves the question papers' overall quality.