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Our innovative solutions focus on the full spectrum of OBE-related activities, which include designing outcomes, creating CO-mapped question papers and innovative assessments, enhancing education quality and supporting educators and institutions through comprehensive programs like FDPs, MDPs, and institutional mentoring.


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Features to Simplify Your Assessment Creation Process

  • Use available Templates
  • Create new Templates
  • Specify the number and type of questions
  • HOTS questions (incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy Levels K3 to K6)
  • OBE-aligned Questions
  • MCQs
  • Generate question papers in a shot
  • Generate question papers incrementally
  • Edit question papers
  • Export question papers
  • Generate Answer Key
  • Design Course Outcomes
  • Create innovative assignment topics

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A credit is a unit of how we measure the usage of our AI Question Paper engine. Different requirements need varying levels of processing, and hence we have a common unit called credits.

The easy answer would be that, based on the volume of input content that you use, complexity of the action, volume of output and the processing time required, the number of credits used will vary.

You can purchase it again, for sure. Based on your purchase, more credits will be added to your account.

Our feedback from limited previews tells us that institutions may want all their departments and teachers to benefit from this innovative tool.