About ipsr solutions limited

Questionpaper.ai is the brainchild of ipsr solutions limited, a 24-year old EdTEch company which offers the expertise of seasoned academicians and AI professionals in the realms of innovative assessments, academic solutions, and Outcome-Based Education (OBE).

About QuestionPaper.ai

With a deep-rooted commitment to educational excellence, our team brings together years of hands-on knowledge and innovation to OBE-powered assessments. We understand the intricate needs of educators and institutions, and we've harnessed this understanding to develop a cutting-edge platform that aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of education.

Questionpaper.ai helps educators design learning outcomes and innovative assessments that encourage higher-order thinking. Our AI tool maps course outcomes to Bloom’s Taxonomy, then generates exam questions to rigorously test students at each level of understanding. At QuestionPaper.ai, we're dedicated to empowering educators and ensuring the integrity of assessments, ultimately paving the way for a brighter future for students everywhere.

What Sets QuestionPaper.ai Apart

Supports Multiple Languages

With support for over 100+ languages, we ensure accessibility for all educators and students.

Standardization and Validation

Our incorporation of Bloom’s Taxonomy and difficulty levels guarantees that all generated question papers adhere to fundamental standards.

Creative Assessments

Goes beyond conventional exams to include relevant evaluations like assignment subjects, seminars, and other innovative techniques.

Simplified OBE Implementation

Map all questions directly to course outcomes with appropriate scales in your assessments, simplifying OBE integration.

Flexible Question Paper Generation

Choose to generate entire question papers with AI assistance or randomly select from generated questions based on your topic. Alternatively, you can manually input your own questions.

OBE-specific course outcomes.

Enter any course or topic to access customised course outcomes, which you can choose and add with ease.

User-Friendly Question Paper Generation

Quickly and effortlessly create one or multiple sets of question papers.

Customise Your Questions

Effortlessly edit and modify generated questions to align perfectly with your specific requirements.


Say goodbye to the hassle of question paper creation. QuestionPaper.ai streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and energy.


Ensure security by generating question papers as needed, avoiding issues such as question paper leaks. Our platform provides CoE and teachers with the power to control when question papers are created.